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Help and FAQ

What is the application process /dates/?

The application process is open all year round. Startups which are not currently registered in Bulgaria apply through the website form. Registered companies apply through f6s.

What are the benefits and access to mentors?

The program offers access to a wide network of and diverse corporate partners, alumni, investors, educational and public institutions, supporting organisations, professional experts and more.

Are all modules obligatory?

Depending on the maturity of the team and their current knowledge, experience and needs, people may have to go through all mandatory modules, or choose only the electives relevant for them.

What type of sectors is the program focused on?

The program is sector agnostic. Our main focus is on R&D based projects and innovative high-tech projects. Still, if you have an innovative idea and want to start a startup, but have no prior knowledge in the innovation space, feel free to apply for our digital education platform.

Can an individual founder apply or do we need to have a ready team?

The program welcomes applications from individuals – inventors, entrepreneurs and scientists as well as from teams! If you’re an individual, we have events and modules that will help you meet potential co-founders and build your team.

What would happen if there are competing or similar ideas?

Your admission into the program depends on the idea itself as well as on the team. In  case of competing or similar ideas, we will consider both applications. If both are accepted, we will help develop business models and if there are many similarities, the teams may merge.

What are the opportunities for networking?

The program aims to develop strong links within the ecosystem, so networking is an essential part of it. We organise regular networking events and have quarterly meet-ups with teachers, mentors and advisors. We also have team-building initiatives and host investor meet-ups.

What are the next steps after submitting my application?

We will contact you via email within a two-week period after reviewing your application.

Is there an opportunity to find co-founders?

Yes, we host events dedicated to this purpose.

How much the program costs?

Fortunately, this program is free of charge to all participants. SEE IP is a government run project on behalf of Sofia Tech Park JSC. and is counted as state support for young entrepreneurs.

What are the steps to continue to the next stage?

To continue from Ground 0 to the Launch stage you must have a team. To continue to Stage 1 you must have a registered company. Each consecutive stage of the program is decided by a jury consisting of entrepreneurs, scientific experts and professionals in the innovation sector who will assess the improvement and growth of  the team, TRL of the project, product development stage, market potential, traction, etc.,    

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