South East European
Innovators Program

Program Introduction

The SEEIP is a hybrid incubation and acceleration program, which facilitates digital incubation through e-learning, networking events, mentorship and alumni gatherings and independent RnD facilities, qualified specialists and know-how to build your entrepreneurial business competencies and help your startup succeed.

Program Modules

Entrepreneurial journey and mindset

<· Introduction to entrepreneurship 

<· Entrepreneurial mindset 

<· Business concepts 

<· Business Design thinking 

Startup teams

<· Entrepreneurial team and lean startups 

<· Corporate culture 

<· Business communication, effective teams and leadership 

<· People care and development

Business strategy and innovation

<· ESD and SDG track records 

Technological management

<· General management and innovations 

<· FMI (technological entrepreneurship) 

<· Choice of technology for realisation of IT products and services

<· Material management and product development

<· Intellectual property management 

<· Commercial law and legal frameworks for startups

Marketing and Branding

<· Finance and reports for entrepreneurs 

Presentation and negotiations

<· Negotiations for startups 

<· Presentation skills and public speaking 

Growth and markets

<· Entrepreneurship and global markets 

<· Stakeholders – partners, competitors etc 

Goal of training –
for individuals and teams – several sentences for each

Learn and fail fast. Repeat. Then succeed.
This is our key purpose.
The goal of our pre-acceleration program is to give a broad knowledge of how to start and run a business.

In the center of the learning process is You, who can tailor his educational experience through choosing what meets your knowledge needs.

During the SEEIP entrepreneurship journey you will meet like-minded people to form a team, which will go through the different development startup stages and finally will pitch the idea in front of the  VC and investors.  

Lesson delivery –
presentation, online meeting with mentor, assignments, test etc

Each module is divided into different topics and lessons with industry specialists as teachers. The online lessons are in video format and can be accessed from a pc or mobile device. 

At the end of each topic there is a test, an assignment and the opportunity to speak directly with the teacher on specific questions related to your startup.

What is more, the hybrid format of the program will meet you personally with exciting new people at the face-to-face events.  

Mentor dashboard

Logo PurpleSEE

Marian Marinov


Logo PurpleSEE

Marian Marinov


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